About the event

Tabsquare has announced the launch of its new payment feature in collaboration with PayPal to bring, pay-at-the-table solution to restaurant customers in Singapore during the PayPal Innovation Lab Launch.  The entire payment process is seamlessly integrated with Tabsquare's SmartTab eMenu system where customers can conveniently make payment through their mobile phones after they have finished dining.  

PayPal Innovation Lab Launch

PayPal Innovation lab launch is a collaboration uniting PayPal and Singapore’s Government Agencies, Industry Associations, SMEs, startups and universities; it aims to foster innovation, R&D and entrepreneurship.

TabSquare played a big role in the event, offering hands-on experience to visitors at the Innovation Café set up to allow visitors to order cocktails from Tabsquare eMenu tablet and experiencing the whole process of making payment directly through the mobile phones.

Chirag, co-founder of Tabsquare explaining to the Minister about Tabsquare Solution and PayPal payment integration.

During the lunch in Enbu, the Minister for Trade and Industry S Iswaran and some VIP guests were treated to a sumptuous lunch and had first-hand experience of ordering from TabSquare eMenu and complete their bills payment securely from their personal devices. 

Minister and VIP guests lunch in Enbu, experienced ordering from the eMenu and making payment.