Since implementing TabSquare SmartTab in 2015, Japan Foods Holding has benefited in terms of reducing man power and increasingly average check size. Previously, the restaurant engaged 3 full time service staff in one outlet and after implementing TabSquare SmartTab, they managed with only 1 full time and 1 part-time service staff.  The operations are also streamlined and upselling and cross-selling activities are consistent now.  Mr. Sam Wan is very confident and pleased with the TabSquare team as he has commented that the team provides the best support.  In fact, TabSquare is regarded as a partner and not a vendor!        

“We needed 3 full timers in our restaurant before but we only need 1 now!  TabSquare Solution has definitely help us resolve manpower issues and increase efficiency”.  – Mr. Sam Wan, Head of IT, Japan Foods Holding.