Congratulations Sushi Tei!

We are just into the second month in 2017 and Sushi Tei has adopted TabSquare eMenu for its second outlet in Northpoint, Yishun!  Sushi Tei appreciates how the solution has helped streamline operations and the powerful up selling capabilities had helped increase their average check size.  To experience the ultimate dining solution, head down to Sushi Tei in JEM, Jurong East and Northpoint, Yishun today!  



Enjoy a delightful Hong Kong style steamboat in Paradise Hot Pot!

Fancy some Hong Kong style steamboat with a wide selection of hot pot ingredients such as lovely tender meat, dumplings, cuttlefish balls, beancurd, tasty paste and a variety of palatable soup bases? Visit Paradise Hot Pot in Compass One and indulge in a scrumptious, mouth-watering meal! Paradise Hot Pot have also recently implemented Tabsquare SmartTab Solution that comes with robust features and user-friendly interface, offering a delightful dining experience and convenience for all its customers.  Don’t wait, head down with your loved ones to Paradise Hot Pot today!  



Hood Bar and Cafe has just adopted Tabsquare SmartTab Solution


Looking for an awesome place with great live music to spend the evening?  Hood Bar and Café is definitely a haven to hear and experience the original works of Singapore’s bands, while you enjoy the chilled atmosphere and dive into tasty finger food!

Great news!  Patrons in Hood Bar and Café can now have first-hand interactive experience ordering from Tabsquare SmartTab Solution that comes with unique ordering features, easy navigation and allows for quick order placements. 

Don’t take our word for it.  Head down to Hood Bar and Café for a great experience! 



Stanley Yeo of Wala Wala shares how TabSquare SmartTab helped increase overall customer satisfaction.

“Tabsquare end-to-end solution, from ordering to promotions to payment gateway and everything in between – has really helped me to provide a consistent customer experience from the moment they step into the restaurant, up until the moment they leave which has really helped to increase overall customer satisfaction.  After having compared a number vendors and solutions I can safely say – they have one of the best and most complete solutions in the market!” - Stanley Yeo Director of Wala Wala



Mr. Sam Wan (Head of IT, Japan Foods Holding) shares the benefits of TabSquare SmartTab in Ajisen Ramen

Since implementing TabSquare SmartTab in 2015, Japan Foods Holding has benefited in terms of reducing man power and increasingly average check size. Previously, the restaurant engaged 3 full time service staff in one outlet and after implementing TabSquare SmartTab, they managed with only 1 full time and 1 part-time service staff.  The operations are also streamlined and upselling and cross-selling activities are consistent now.  Mr. Sam Wan is very confident and pleased with the TabSquare team as he has commented that the team provides the best support.  In fact, TabSquare is regarded as a partner and not a vendor!        

“We needed 3 full timers in our restaurant before but we only need 1 now!  TabSquare Solution has definitely help us resolve manpower issues and increase efficiency”.  – Mr. Sam Wan, Head of IT, Japan Foods Holding.  



Central Thai recently adopted Tabsquare SmartTab Solution

Need a quick Thai food fix? Craving for a bowl of soupy and spicy Tom Yum?  Do visit Central Thai for a delectable Thai Food experience!

Apart from Central Thai’s fresh and sumptuous Thai food, the restaurant has also recently adopted Tabsquare’s SmartTab Solution that comes with an easy and seamless user interface… all for the convenience of its customers.

The solution comes with unique ordering features, which help its customers discover dishes to their liking and order quickly and easily.  Gone are the days where customers have to wait for 30 minutes just to get service or their orders taken and served.

Besides getting their Thai food cravings satiated, dining in Central Thai will offer them a meaningful, satisfying and convenient dining experience!  



Mr. Lee (CEO Of Zingrill Holdings) shares the benefits of technology adoption for Seoul Garden Hot Pot

Testimony from Mr. Andrew Lee - CEO, Zingrill Holdings (Seoul Garden Hot Pot Restaurant)

The technology adoption for Seoul Garden Hot Pot started early 2016 and the solution has not only helped the restaurant reduce man power in operations but delivered the best increase in average check size through powerful up selling and cross selling capabilities. 

Customers in Seoul Garden Hot Pot are very happy with the solution, as the engaging and seamless user interface help customers order fairly quickly and easily.  Customers’ wait time has also reduced tremendously. 

Let’s hear from our happy customer!

“TabSquare Solution has not only helped us reduce manpower in our operations, the up selling and cross-selling functions have doubled our profitability”.- Mr. Lee, CEO of Zingrill Holdings.


TabSquare collaborates with PayPal to bring  pay-at-the-table solution to restaurant customers in Singapore


TabSquare collaborates with PayPal to bring pay-at-the-table solution to restaurant customers in Singapore

Singapore, August 17th, 2016 TabSquare, a Singapore based startup that offerscloud-based operations management and customer engagement platform for the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry, today announced the launch of its new payment feature in collaboration with PayPal.  The new payment solution is part of its SmartTab, in-restaurant dining solution.


TabSquare is collaborating with PayPal to bring, pay-at-the-table solution to restaurant customers in Singapore. The entire payment process is seamlessly integrated with TabSquare’s SmartTab e-menu system where customers can conveniently make payment through their mobile phones after they have finished dining. Currently, making payments at restaurants can take anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes, especially during peak hours. “With the new TabSquare integrated payment solution, customers will be able to make payment for their meal in a couple of minutes,” said Sankaran Sreeraman, Co-founder of TabSquare who worked with the PayPal team in the development of this innovative feature. “This will also help restaurants become more efficient in their operations, improve staff productivity and increase table turns, thus directly helping them achieve better profitability” he added.


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TabSquare raises S$3.5 million to enhance its cloud-based platform that increases productivity of restaurants

Singapore, April 14, 2016 TabSquare, a Singapore based startup that offers cloud-based operations management and customer engagement platform for the Food & Beverage (F&B) industry raised S$3.5 million in its Series A funding round led by Walden International, with participation from Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd, Phillip Private Equity and serial investor Ivan Lee’s investment vehicle, Raging Bull.

Restaurants today are faced with scattered technology offerings - be it reservations, reviews, delivery or loyalty – that impact less than 10% of the restaurants’ revenues and addresses only some of their pain points. TabSquare offers an integrated restaurant management and customer engagement technology platform that makes each customer interaction more meaningful, efficient and profitable. It is focused on solving the more critical pain points that are core to a restaurant’s profitability and which impact 90% of the restaurant revenues.

With TabSquare SmartTab the restaurant owners can offer a customized tablet menu on every restaurant table where customers can view dishes, get recommendations, place orders, redeem promotions and even pay their bills, without waiting for the waiter. TabSquare SmartApp allows the restaurant to build their business beyond the physical store and delivers the seamless customer interaction even when the customers are at their office or home. TabSquare Nucleus, the cloud-based data warehouse and analytics engine, allows restaurant owners to update the menu on-the-fly as well as provide data analytics to understand consumer behaviour and spending patterns; thereby improving the restaurant’s efficiency and profit margins. The platform’s comprehensive features, design and the new platform-as-a-service pricing ensure that the solution pays for itself from day one!

Integrated with the leading point-of-sale (POS) systems in South-East Asia, TabSquare platform is easy to adopt and the restaurant operators can enjoy a fully integrated Front-office & Back-office system that gives them complete control over restaurant operations from inventory to kitchen management as well as customer marketing and engagement. TabSquare counts over 60 F&B brands and more than 150 stores as customers. Current customers include some of the established players in the industry like Far East Hospitality, Food Theory Group, Global Retail Partners, Japan Foods Holding, and other well-known brands including Nihon Mura, Bistro 1855 and Wala Wala Group.

ThaiExpress founder, Ivan Lee said, “As a restaurateur in the past and knowing what TabSquare solutions can do, I can see how every restaurant owner operator would definitely want their solution. They have done the hard work of really understanding restaurant operator’s problems and providing an easy, simple and comprehensive solution. This is the future of restaurants. TabSquare’s approach of building a strong end-to-end platform from ground up, their vision of making restaurant operations more data driven and their strong business model are what makes them unique and best positioned to be a leader in this space.”
“Thriving in a manpower-lean landscape today is critical to any business operation, particularly so in the F&B industry. TabSquare’s platform offers solutions that improves productivity by lowering labour and operational costs while powering-up revenues with data-driven, customised recommendations for diners. We see this as a strong value proposition not just in Singapore but also for the international markets.” said Pang Heng Soon, General Manager of Infocomm Investments.

Founded by three INSEAD business school graduates, Anshul Gupta, Chirag Tejuja and Sankaran Sreeraman, who have a combined 25 years of experience in B2B sales, customer marketing and project management in top MNCs,TabSquare will use the funding to strengthen its market dominance in Singapore, expand to regional markets and further development of its technology platform.

“TabSquare has been able to address the F&B industry pain points of tight labour market; increasing costs and low profitability. We were impressed by the Company’s ability to scale the business in a capital efficient manner. We look forward to working with the team and supporting their growth.” said Kris Leong, Vice President of Walden International.

Customers of TabSquare, ranging from casual dining sit-down restaurants to cafes & bars have been able to reduce their front-of-house manpower costs by 20-40% and increase their revenues by up to 10%, while at the same time, improving customer satisfaction and repeat visits. TabSquare customer Sam Wan from Japan Food Holdings said “In the past, we used to run a typical 20-25 table restaurant with 3-4 wait staff. With TabSquare, we can run a similar sized restaurant with just 1 full time and 1 part-time staff. Now, we cannot imagine opening a new outlet without TabSquare menus on every table in the restaurant.”

About TabSquare
Founded by three INSEAD graduates, Anshul Gupta, Chirag Tejuja and Sankaran Sreeraman, Singapore-based TabSquare offers an integrated restaurant management and customer engagement technology platform that makes each customer interaction meaningful, efficient and profitable whether the customers are inside or outside the restaurant. TabSquare has pioneered data-driven “Smart” solutions for the F&B industry focused on enhancing the customers’ experience throughout their dining journey. TabSquare works with leading brands including Far East Hospitality, Food Theory Group, Global Retail Partners, Japan Foods Holding, Nihon Mura, Bistro 1855, Wala Wala group and plans to become the leading technology partner for F&B industry in the region. To know more about TabSquare, please visit:

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