Yes its true! You can now enjoy a superior dining experience, lower wait times and greater convenience at your finger tips with TabSquare SmartTab Emenu at Canton Paradise restaurant @T3 Terminal. This is the first implementation of TabSquare SmartTab Emenu at Changi Airport!  Changi, the World's Best Airport is well known for its adoption of technology to improve operational efficiency, lower wait times and improve passenger experience. TabSquare is proud to be doing the same for passengers' dining experience with its SmartTab solution at Canton Paradise.

Customers, locals and tourists alike, are loving the speedy and consistent service enabled through the SmartTab while the restaurant is able to manage faster table turns and offer their excellent food and hospitality to many more customers than before! Thanks to continued faith posed by the visionary leaders at the Paradise group, which already uses TabSquare solutions at many of their concepts, for giving us this opportunity. 

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