Mr. Lee (CEO Of Zingrill Holdings) shares the benefits of TabSquare SmartTab in Seoul Garden Hot Pot

Testimony from Mr. Andrew Lee - CEO, Zingrill Holdings (Seoul Garden Hot Pot Restaurant)

Tabsquare SmartTab was implemented in Seoul Garden Hot Pot early 2016.  The solution has not only helped the restaurant reduce man power in operations but delivered the best increase in average check size through powerful upselling and cross selling capabilities. 

Customers in Seoul Garden Hot Pot are very happy with the solution, as the engaging and seamless user interface help customers order fairly quickly and easily.  Customers’ wait time has also reduced tremendously. 

Let’s hear from our happy customer!

“TabSquare Solution has not only helped us reduce manpower in our operations, the up selling and cross-selling functions have doubled our profitability”.- Mr. Lee, CEO of Zingrill Holdings.