Double your restaurant profitability with          TabSquare  SMART SOLUTIONS 

TabSquare aims to leverage technology to change the way restaurants interact with their patrons and make each customer interaction more meaningful, convenient & profitable. 

With end-to-end front-of-house automation that helps to reduce manpower requirement by upto 50% &   Smart, Data-driven upsell & cross-sell recommendations that deliver up to 10% increase in average bill value, TabSquare is helping build the next generation of "Smart Restaurants". 

Restaurant today are struggling with variety of pain points like unavailability of skilled waiters and their inability to upsell consistently, increasing competition fighting for customer footfalls, declining service levels - ultimately leading to single digit, declining profitability.  Tabsquare is focused on providing a "full stack" complete solution for these critical pain points which are all core to a restaurant's profitability. 

TabSquare's next generation restaurant management and customer engagement platform have helped its partner restaurants greatly improve customer experience, make their operations more efficient and seamlessly drive business growth & profitability, both inside the physical restaurant as well as outside the restaurant, online.

What CAN YOU expect

StreamlineD Operations

Manpower Reduction

Increase in Average Check

QuickER Table Turns

Streamline operations & improve customer overall dining experience

Reduce front-of-house manpower costs by 30% to 50%

Increase the average bill value by 10% through data-driven upsell & cross-sell

Speed up table turns due to less waiting times of customers

Our Customers Love It, AND SAY SO!

TabSquare end-to-end solution has really helped me to provide a consistent customer experience from the moment they step into the restaurant, up until the moment they leave which has really helped to increase overall customer satisfaction. After comparing a number of vendors and solutions I can safely say they have one of the best and most complete solutions in the market!
— Stanley Yeo, Director of Wala Wala
Before we decided on TabSquare, I contacted SPRING for their recommendations on ipad menu vendors in Singapore and was provided a list of 10-12 vendors. I carefully analysed their feature and functionality and was convinced with TabSquare as the most forward looking and able to deliver the best productivity yield far superior from the rest. With Tabsquare, we are looking to save 2 service staff per outlet but an increase in sales of 7%-10% due to their smart pairing and recommender system.
— Cahyadi, General Manager of Indochili


From Sit-down casual dining restaurants to cafes & bars, customers across restaurant concepts, cuisines and formats use our solutions every day!